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Q. Can you bill my insurance company? 
A. If we obtained your insurance information and that type of service and your insurance is valid for that date of service and type of transport, we will bill your insurance for you.

Q. What if my insurance doesn't cover the service I received? 
A. If your insurance doesn't cover the service, you are responsible for the bill.

Q. I was transported by volunteer ambulance, why do I have a bill from you? 
A. Monroe Ambulance is contracted with several volunteer agencies to provide advanced life support services when they are not otherwise available. Our highly trained paramedics ride on your volunteer ambulance. There is a cost for our services as we do not receive tax dollars or donations. In some areas, this cost may be reimbursed by your medical insurance.

Q. The nursing home, hospital, etc. arranged my transportation. Why did I get a bill? 
A. Although someone else arranged your transport, the bill is your responsibility because you were the person being transported. Depending on the type of transportation you received, it may be covered by your medical insurance.

Q. What are Monroe Ambulance privacy practices?
A. For a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.
Para optener copias de la practica privada, por favor puede apretar aquí.

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